Types of adaptation of international terms in the Kazakh language

  • Г. А. Карипбаева
  • Т. К. Зайсанбаев


The main idea of this article is formation and using of international terms. The authors tell, that soundcombinations of international terms used in the Kazakh language contradict the main law of the Kazakhlanguage- the law of harmony and graduates of Kazakh schools will have difficulties in right pronunciationand spelling in Latin Alphabet. The authors are sure that the main reason is that the Soviet Governmentintending to unite international terms had entered sounds inadequate the Kazakh language. As aresult of the Russian letters-sounds some terms ended in nonconforming the Kazakh language endingsappeared in Kazakh, that is why endings were added to these terms.The authors have confirmed that the formation of terms mustn’t be limited only by inner opportunitiesof the language. As well the authors have told about the concept of international terms and the wayto adapt them in the Kazakh language.The authors give clear examples from the works of scientists creating international terms. Havingtaken into account synthetic and analytical methods of formation words, the authors have given the examplesof achievements of the scientists creating international terms in Kazakh. As well it is told that theright using of archaisms can lead to the development as humanitarian, so other sciences.The authors support the idea of President of the RK N.A.Nazarbayev on transferring to the LatinAlphabet and have given the examples of the process which can promote the adaptation of internationalterms in the Kazakh Language.Key words: international terms, methods of word formation, synthetic method, analytical method,orthographic method, orthoepic method.
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