Лaтинскaя Aмерикa во внешней политике Испaнии

  • Е. Чукубaев
  • А. Амирулы


Author of this article has considered strengthening of integration processesin Latin America and the resumption of the historical ties with Europe,in which, of course, particularly important role the countries of theIberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal, which have applied and are makingevery effort to improve cooperation in Latin America and the EuropeanUnion.Relations of Latin America and Spain at present determined by a numberof trends and creates favorable conditions for the revitalization of theSpanish economic interests in the region, including for the penetration ofthe Spanish capital’s economy in Latin America.This is due to an increase in the pace of economic development in theLatin American region, accompanied by a process of industrialization thatgave rise to the need to find new markets and sources of funding.Key words: Latin America, Spain, the EU, integration process.
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