Некоторые aспекты соглaшений о сотрудничестве между Египтом и Сaудовской Aрaвией

  • А. Әліпбaев


Article is devoted to a cooperation between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.After the revolution in 2011 state of the economy of Egypt worsened. Cairotries to accelerate growth, including by means of foreign investments.In April, 2016 Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed a number of documents on acooperation in various areas. For implementation of the planned projectsEgypt and Saudi Arabia approved delimitation of sea border between thestates therefore the disputed islands which were under the administrationof Cairo the Tyrant and Sanafir in the Red Sea departed to Riyadh. Besides,the agreement on creation of a joint investment fund with the equity of16 billion dollars was reached. The arrangement between Sisi and Salmanabout the bridge construction through the Red Sea connecting the territoriesof two countries became sensational. According to leaders of twocountries, this bridge «will become in the way to implementation of perspectiveprojects between Egypt and Saudi Arabia».Key words: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, investment, economy, foreign policy,national security.
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