Трехстороннее взаимодействие Япония – СШA – Китай в контексте сотрудничества с ЕС

  • М. Губайдуллина
  • Д. Калматаева


Japan has traditionally maintained a high level of relations with theUnited States is committed to balanced relations with China. Japan, havingsufficiently high levels of trade and economic relations with the highlydeveloped European countries, only recently gone on a way of establishinga partnership agreement with the European Union. Such promotion ofbilateral ties contributed to the objective circumstances, and above all thefact of the economic union and political proximity to the EU states. Theinternational policy of Japan reached a new level of multilateral and multivectorcourse, she is actively involved in the approval of the priorities atthe international level. The novelty of the Japanese International eventscharacterized by increased pragmatism and triangular cooperation withthe US, China, the EU is a definite shift in its foreign policy. Japan goesbeyond the usual for her sphere of influence. A new foreign policy turnJapan shows its activity in establishing cooperation with the states of Eurasia,especially with individual members of the Eurasian Economic Union– Russia, Kazakhstan.Key words: Japan, the EU, China, the United States, the Eurasian region,security, international cooperation.
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