The current state of the labor market and the structure of employment in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Ш. Смагулова
  • С. Жакупова
  • М. Тастамбекова


Problems of the labor market and employment of the population are always an object of study ofscientific, socio-political centers and other departments. They are becoming increasingly important atthe present stage of the post-crisis recovery of the global economy. Labor market and employment takesunique placein the system of market-oriented relarions. Majority of economical, social, demographicevictions, burning in a market economy, either directly or partiallyemerge from the process of emergingmarket labor.And the processes of buying and selling of workforce, usefullness and public importanceof it takes place at the labor market. The purpose of this article is a comprehensive study of the labormarket and the structure of employment in Kazakhstan.Human resources on the basis of education,professionalism, and intelligence constitute the most important prerequisites for the successful implementationof new strategic tasks. This article analyzes the dynamics and trends in the development ofthe employment structure of the population in Kazakhstan at the present stage and in various sectors ofthe economy. The problem of unemployment and self-employment of the population are the objects ofthe research. The current state of the development of market relations raises many questions about theprocesses and mechanisms that determines the effective functioning of the labor market. Their solutionrequires a detailed analysis of theoretical approaches in the field of employment, what is both the valueand the practical significance of the research.Key words: labor market, employment structure, employment trends, unemployment.
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