Renewable energy and the regional prospect on sustainable development of Central Asia

  • M. Gubaidullina
  • B. Balaubaeva
  • Sh. Karimova


In the conditions of increasing consumption of energy-related natural resources, the role of developingalternative energy sources rises as a factor in ensuring energy security is growing. Reducing theenvironmental burden on the environment is a contribution to the establishment of sustainable development.The energy resources that are traditionally used on a large scale by mankind – oil, natural gas, coal,are limited, can be exhausted before the year 2100. Lack of resources and uneven distribution amongcountries raises concerns about the future rational consumption and ways to replace energy dependenceon fossil fuels. In this regard, much attention is paid to renewable energy sources, such as sun, wind,water, subsoil heat, biomass, etc. The use of renewable energy sources will help in solving the accumulatedenvironmental problems, and along with them solve economic, social, political issues. The CentralAsian region has a significant amount of natural resources, including oil and gas as the main sources ofenergy, which are the main export items of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and water energy belongs tothe subjects of the export dispute of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. To maintain the stability anddevelopment of Central Asia, alternative ways of energy supply must be developed. In the region, theissue of the potential and conditions for the development of RES in the countries of Central Asia, theimpact of the development of renewable energy sources on the future of the development of the regionis relevant. The aim of this article is to determine the contribution of the renewable energy sources in themaintenance of sustainable regional development of the Central Asia with main stress on the UN Goal-7.Key words: renewable energy sources, sustainable development (SD), hydro energy, wind energy,solar energy, biomass energy.
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GUBAIDULLINA, M.; BALAUBAEVA, B.; KARIMOVA, Sh.. Renewable energy and the regional prospect on sustainable development of Central Asia. International Relations and International Law Journal, [S.l.], v. 80, n. 4, p. 4-17, mar. 2018. ISSN 1563-0285. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 24 mar. 2019.
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