The Middle East democratization policy of the US: from Suez Crisis to «Arab Spring»

G。 А. Movkebayeva, А. Reshetnyak


«Arab Spring» and the following events are carried out in the framework of the United States’ foreign policy strategy to democratize the Arab Middle East which is consistently realizing since the 1950-s. The key stages of development of the American policy in the region are considered in the article. The purpose of Washington is to form the governments and societies loyal to America. It would provide domination of the USA on this part of the globe and help to resolve an issue of US energy security. However, there is a fundamental problem in this program: the Western liberal values can not be transferred to Arab society. For mutually beneficial cooperation it is necessary to revise the entire system of relations between Western and Islamic civilizations on an equitable basis.


Obama’s administration; Arab Spring; Middle East; Greater Middle East; conception of foreign affairs; democratization; USA; strategy;

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