Domestic and global problems in China’s environmental policy

  • Л. Исова
  • А. Милан


The problem of climate change in the last few years has become one of the most popular in thenational discourses of the country as China’s.In declarations and documents around the world, the climatic changes which are connected withgreenhouse gas emission are associated with economic development of PRC. The People’s Republic ofChina is a major energy importer, thereby having its impact on the reserves of world’s natural resources.Economic development and environmental degradation in China affect the inhabitants of othercountries as well. Joint international efforts are required to solve transboundary and global environmentalproblems. Nowadays, China is a party to major international agreements in the field of environmentand development, is an active participant in international conferences, and also China collaborates onissues of environment and development with many countries of the world. China currently ranks firstin terms of carbon dioxide emissions. In conditions of intensive industrial development, the country inrecent decades is experiencing significant environmental consequences of man-made activities. China’sdesire to implement its economic and political goals is in contradiction with the environmental conditionsof life of the population. Over the past two decades, the economic boom in China has caused anincrease in consumption and significantly worsened the environmental quality of life. The country needsmore and more natural resources, energy consumption is steadily growing. Nevertheless, China seeksand finances scientific developments in the field of new technologies that promote the implementationof the adopted environmental laws and initiatives.Key words: China, globalization, ecology, environment, climate change, eco-policy, ecosystem,sustainable development.
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