Between China and India: energy dimension of Kazakhstan

  • A. Behera
  • M. Gubaidullina


The interest of China and India in closer relations with Kazakhstan, which is rich in reserves of resources,is evident in Chinese and Indian energy activity in the CA region, is explained by the growingdemand for oil from rapidly growing economies. The energy dimension of Kazakhstan’s foreign policychanges the geopolitics of not only Central Asia, but also affects the geopolitics of Asia with the participationof China and India.The authors pay attention to the review of theories of the geopolitics of energy resources with referenceto the triangle Kazakhstan – China – India. The study of different points of view on the geopoliticalprocesses in Central Asia with the participation of China and India made it possible to systematize a largeamount of research on the country (national) principle and identify problematic issues that have not yetbeen studied. They analyze regional processes in which energy has become part of geopolitics, affectingthe international configuration of Eurasia. Attention is drawn to the strategic intersection of the interestsof China and India in Central Asia, examines how India and China compete for energy in Kazakhstan andhow far China or India benefits or loses in this energy game in the region. China has specific strategiesfor its energy security in the region, for example, the mega-project «One belt, one way», involving all thestates of Eurasia, including Kazakhstan and India. The authors raise the issue of the possibility of cooperationbetween the two powers in the energy sector of Kazakhstan in the context of their participationin regional organizations, for example the establishment of the SCO energy club or the Eurasian energyclub. The energy prospects of China and India in Kazakhstan/CA are associated with a sustained interestin maintaining stability and security.Key words: energy resources, geopolitics, multi-vector policy of Kazakhstan, China’s energy activities,energy security of India
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