Evolution of the labor market and international labor migration: the theoretical aspect of research

  • А. Тулейбаева


The process of economic globalization, covering virtually all spheres of human activity, significantlyexpanded the world economic ties in the 21st century, which in turn led to the formation of a morecomplex structure of the international labor market, a change in the regulation of the labor market, andthe emergence of new trends in international labor migration.The purpose of the article is to examine theoretical aspects in labor market research in conjunctionwith international labor migration. In the scientific works of Western authors, the evolution of such aprocess is studied, as a result of which the national labor markets of most leading countries are no longerisolated structures, they have long been integrated, and moreover, they are associated with the dynamicsof the movement of labor force. Transnational migration of labor resources has now acquired a regular,sustainable character.The study of the destination of migrants, the definition of the peculiarities of labor migration indicatesa lack of theoretical comprehension of the studied processes in the regional section. The theoreticalsignificance of the work lies in the deepening and development of the methodology for studying theworld and national labor markets in the context of globalization and technological transformation, whichin turn facilitates the harmonization of different scientific approaches and overcoming the fragmentednature of scientific knowledge in this important scientific field. In practical terms, the study of this topicwill allow us to use the main findings in further scientific research and analysis of the current developmentof the world and national labor market, to identify key areas in the development of internationallabor migration.Key words: labor, migration, evolution, international, history.
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