To the question of the ratio of natural resources and economic development of the country

  • А. О. Оңдаш
  • Р. Елемесов


This article deals with the impact of the resource wealth of the nature of the country’s economic development.Interrelations “wealth of natural resources” and “economic growth”, as well as their influenceon each other is widely known in economic science. According to research by many economists, thepresence of rich natural resources for many countries not turns good and inevitable “curse”, which affectsthe economic progress and development of the country, manifested in the macroeconomic instabilityand low long-term economic growth. In this paper, the main objective is a clear reflection of the role ofnatural condition and natural resources in the economy. How territorial features and natural wealth actsas the government instrument in the economic development of the country as a whole? The article presentsan overview of approaches of a natural resources assessment and classification of natural resourceswith the purpose to carry out an economic assessment. At an assessment the main problems comes fromlack of the standard methodology of economic assessment of resources and processes of a resourcesconsumption and weakness of the corresponding legal, normative-methodical base. It doesn’t allow toconsider and reflect natural resources in structure of national wealth of the country together with the costof the fixed production assets, buildings and constructions. In this regard, the main task consists in developmentof the general concept of an economic assessment of natural resources which would allow todevelop uniform system of indicators for an assessment of a various nature forming components, which isoptimal from sight of coordination of environmental management and economy interests. Nowadays ineconomic science the main approaches of an economic assessment of natural resources are developingfor their reflection in structure of national wealth.Key words: natural resource, abundance of natural resources, resource wealth, “resource-abundant”countries, capital, income, raw.
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