The legal regulation of surrogate motherhood in Kazakhstan

  • А. Отарбаева


The article deals with actual problems of modern society, the achievement of medicine on the wayto become genetic parents as a surrogate motherhood. The author explores the definition and types ofsurrogate motherhood (partial and complete, traditional and non-traditional); what are the requirementsfor a surrogate mother? Whether surrogate motherhood is permitted in Kazakhstan and abroad; whatpeople can use the service of a surrogate mother (commercial or non-commercial basis).The author analyzed the provision of surrogate motherhood services in Kazakhstan and abroad andidentified the strengths and weaknesses side of the legislation. Gives a list of countries where auxiliaryreproductive technology is legally permitted and prohibited, shows the reasons for not providing thisservice. Much attention is given to the rights of a surrogate mother during the pregnancy and child. ComparingKazakhstan and international laws, the author has revealed ways of improving the legal regulationof surrogate motherhood.During the investigation, the following conclusions were made: who can be a surrogate mother, andwhat requirements does she have to meet? Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizenshave the right to use the service of a surrogate mother in the territory of Kazakhstan; the rules for concludinga surrogate mother contract.Key words: The Republic of Kazakhstan, the Surrogate Mother, Contract.
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