Some aspects of fight against the international terrorism in Germany

  • А. Әліпбаев
  • Б. Бөжеева


The modern states of the world and their intelligence agency accumulated certain experience of fightagainst terrorism and other extremist forces. From this point of view activities of the German state andits law enforcement agencies deserve attention. The threat of terrorism is present at Germany severaldecades. In recent years the main danger in Germany is constituted by the international Islamic terrorism.Islamic networks in Germany stake, first of all, on persons with migrant roots and konvertit. Onannouncements of security polices of Germany, the number of potential Islamic terrorists, that is thepersons posing a potential threat for public safety in recent years increased several times. At the beginningof the 2000th in Germany realized that the most important solution of a problem of terrorism is highcoordination of all departments involved in fight and operation on an oprezheniye. The General Centreof Protection against terrorism was for this purpose created. The Centre in itself is not any department,but is designed to integrate operation more than forty different German federal and land institutionsin different directions of warning of threat of terrorism. Quite often in a press jump messages aboutneutralization of terrorist groups or preventing of attempts of terrorist attacks in Germany. Against thebackground of the latest events in the different European countries it is possible to draw a conclusion: theGerman security polices work for conscience and the level of this operation is quite high.Key words: Germany, state, terrorism, threat, law enforcement agencies, radical Salafis, safety, extremism.
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